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  • Who We Are


    Audacious Reporters Media Network is a "Not-For-Profit" online media and news agency, and a global community of Activists, Human Rights Advocates, Journalists and other well-meaning individuals who volunteered to fight crime and injustice around their communities, whilst informing people of looming danger.

    When the big newses break, often times what you here is just a part of it

  • What We Stand For?


    Everyday, a lot of things happen - both good and bad, it is the People's Right to know what's going on around them. Yet some remain unknown, some known to the media but swept under the carpet - often to protect the interests of the wicked culprits (including but not limited to the rich, politicians and the government) - this isn't right. At AR, we believe in Freedom (of expression, association, religion, etc); Human Rights (as ratified by the United Nations charter); Justice & Equity and Truth (even though it hurts) and on this we stand.

  • Get Involved


    We enjoin you to freely serve for the good of all humanity, and to the best of your ability and availability in addressing this anomalies. To become a part of the volunteers is to do your best to report every crime and illegal activities around you. We will give you a platform to propagate your thoughts, opinions and reports. However, we do not condone fake propaganda, and anyone found involved in such will be excommunicated. We review every article/report to ensure its authenticity and accuracy before publishing it.

  • Contribute


    If you wish to contribute to what we are doing, we appreciate you whole-heartedly. As a young and growing organization your involvement and contribution will help us grow faster. We also accept freewill donations to help us run our website which is currently being reconstructed.